Advantages of LAF Flexitank

The emergence of flexitanks made a technological breakthrough in the transportation of liquid cargoes and led to an effective solution to reduce transport component in the cost of goods. A simple comparison highlights the advantages of LAF flexitank.

Being a single-trip package, allows avoiding stripping capacity after previous shipping. Flexitank located in a 20-feet container carries 44% more cargo than in a similar container when using drums and 60% more than when using bottles, and also 15% more than in IBC. Flexitank is an environmentally friendly product that can be easily disposed of, and the container can be further used for its intended purpose.

The advantages of flexitank also are the following:

  • Low costs for delivery
  • Easy to install, load and unload
  • New packaging, no risk of contamination
  • More effective and cheaper than tank containers
  • High speed loading compared to drums and IBCs
  • Availability in remote areas
  • Low weight of Flexitank maximizes the use of container capacity
  • Lack of rent
  • No need to return the tare, therefore, no related costs
  • Eliminates the influence of the environment