Additional equipment LAF

Standard set of equipment LAF, necessary for the transportation, consists of flexitank and the following parts:

flexitank box

1) Steel beams (square-tube): 2400mm х50mm х 50mm
Metal thickness: 2.1 - 2.3mm
Quantity: minimum5 pieces per container
Total weight: 40 kg

2) Paper honeycomb panel. Very durable and lightweight material. Compressive strength - up to 40 tons / sq.m
Size: 500mm х1160mm.
Thickness: 12 mm.
Quantity: 2 panels / container

3) Corrugated paper. Size: 30m x 1,5 m
Thickness: 2-2.5 mm.
Quantity: 1 roll / container.
Weight: 25-30kg/roll