Multilayer structure of flexitank for transportation liquid products in containers consists of an inner "light" layer of food-grade Polyethylene, which serves as a liquid tank and maintains the integrity, and outer "solid" layer of polypropylene, which provides absorbing of the dynamic loading that occurs during the transportation of cargo.

Sleeve (tubular) structure of the outer and inner layers of our flexitank eliminates longitudinal seams, reducing the risk of defects in the manufacturing process and breaking when shipping.

Flexitanks have 3inch double door (Butterfly Valve) polypropylene inlet valve of «CAM-LOCK» type with Anti-suction design. Using the butterfly valve, firmly fixed in to the stainless steel Flange, provides reliable design and helps to avoid leakage when loading, transportation and discharging of liquid products, and its Anti-suction design minimizes residue in flexitank after discharge. At the customer’s request, the following combinations of valve positions are possible:

   - The top position of the valve

   - The bottom position of the valve


  - The availability of the two valves in flexitank, top
  load / bottom discharge (rarely used)


During the transportation of some food products (wine, beer concentrate, etc.) or by changing climatic zones, overpressure may arise inside the flexitank. In order to counteract this, flexitanks can be fitted with an air vent. The availability of hose in the air vent can also be used for sampling of cargo.

LAF Standard Flexitank

The LAF Standard Flexitank has been specifically designed for the transportation of non-hazardous liquid cargoes that are not sensitive to oxygen and moisture, in order to provide additional savings for shippers. The LAF Standard Flexitank is composed of 4 inner layers of food-grade polyethylene (regular LDPE) and 1 outer polypropylene layer of tubular structure.

LAF Premium Flexitank

The LAF Premium Flexitank LAF is supplied with an additional outer layer of gas-tight high barrier EVOH (copolymer of ethylene with vinyl alcohol). Premium Flexitank with an outer layer of barrier film is recommended for protection of food products which are very sensitive to the environment, absorb odors or are sensitive to oxygen permeation. These include: wine, beer concentrate, some vegetable oils, etc.

Each LAF Flexitank has a unique number which must be specified in the transport documents.

  number of flexitank

Specifications of the LAF Flexitank

  The surface density of polypropylene fabric: 180 +-5 g/sq.m.

  Tensile Strength, warp: 2100 N/5cm

  Tensile Strength, weft: 2000 N/5cm

  Elongation Machine Direction (MD): 18,8%

  Elongation Transversal Direction (TD): 17,8%

  Dart Impact (ASTM D1709) >1800g

  Thickness of polyethylene film (regular LDPE): 125 +-10 micron

  Number of inner layers: 4

  Tear strength MD: 20N / 15cm

  Tear strength TD: 20N / 15cm

  Elongation MD (ASTM D882): 600%

  Elongation TD (ASTM D882): 600%

  Low Temperature Flexibility: - 20 ° C

  High Temperature Flexibility: 70 ° C

  Thickness of the barrier film EVOH: 9-10 micron (optional for LAF Premium)