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DRY BULK LINERDry Bulk Container Liner «LINER BAG» - Liner made of polymeric material for the 20 and 40 foot ISO containers. Container liners (liner bags) are used to transport dry and bulk cargoes. Function: cargo protection from contact with the inner surface of the container, as well as protection of the inner surface of the container from contact with the cargo.


The transported goods:

  • nonfood: Chemical fertilizers, polymer PVC Granules, PE, PET, PP, cement, coagulants, wood pellets, metallurgical coke, alumina, carbon, sulfur, and others;
  • food: grains and cereals, legumes, sugar, starch, flour, meal, oil meal, salt, malt and others


IBC - (Intermediate Bulk Container) Containers of medium capacity (Intermediate Bulk Container) are aimed for multiuse and are released for transportation, storage of liquid and solid bulk goods of all classes of danger - chemicals, food products. IBC containers capacity is from 950 to 1250 liters. IBC containers can be plastic and of corrugated cardboard.