ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System (QMS) – it’s a system for managing all aspects of a company’s business, directly or indirectly affecting the quality. QMS is designed to provide consistent quality of products or services, provided by the enterprise, and to "tune" this quality on the expectations of consumers. However, the main objective of the system is not the control of each unit of production, but to ensure that there were no errors in the work, which could lead to the appearance of the defect and the production of products / services of poor quality. On the production quality management system is introduced.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) – a system of organization and safety in the production and processing of food products throughout the operating chain, from raw materials and packaging materials to the delivery of products to the final consumer. Unlike other quality control systems, which are based on periodic testing of raw materials and finished products, HACCP is conducting a permanent control at all stages of production. Company-manufacturer met strict requirements of HACCP and is certified as a company, fully complied with the requirements of HACCP.


EU Food Grade Certificate – This certificate confirms the compliance of the materials used for the production of flexitanks with the requirements of the Directive of the European Commission regarding plastic materials and articles intended for contact with food products. View document (opens in new window)

Certificate FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA) - a system of state control of the quality of food, drugs and medical devices. The certificate confirms the compliance of the materials used for the production of flexitanks with the requirements of FDA. View document (opens in new window)


Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (health certificate) is an official document confirming the compliance of products with sanitary and hygienic standards of Ukraine. Thus, the health certificate of the Ministry of Health confirms security of LAF flexitanks for human life and health, as well as for the environment and is suitable for transportation of food products.

Certificate of HALAL product – the certificate of "Halal" (Malaysia). HALAL - from the Arabic al-halal - permissible. Certificate HALAL - a "System of voluntary certification of products and services to meet the canons of Islam." Availability of the certificate indicates that the used raw materials, manufacturing process, equipment, personnel, manufacturing facilities meet the standards of "Halal". This is an additional guarantee of quality as to enterprises, producing "halal" products, very strict requirements are imposed.

Kosher Certificate (SKS) – This certificate confirms compliance of produced flexitanks with the requirements of kashrus, passing procedure for voluntary certification. Thus, we make an important step towards providing our customers with reliable information about the quality of our products.

Qingdao LAF Packaging is a member of Container Owners Association (COA). Flexitanks passed a standard rail test COA for the collision of platforms in flexitank/container combinations according to the Association of American Railroads (AAR). The purpose of the test - to make sure that the loaded Flexitank is able to withstand multiple impacts that occur during transportation by rail.

Standard Rail Impact Test Report is available here. Visit the Web page of COA to view a list of companies that have submitted COA's Standard Rail Impact Test Reports.