About Us

LAF Ukraine is a Ukrainian worldwide freight forwarder and renders flexitank bulk cargo(sunflower oil, linseed oil, mustard oil, wine, etc.) transportation services. Our customers are in China, India, Middle East, Malaysia, Western Europe, southeastern Africa and the USA

Bulk cargo transportation is the basis of the company's business, which allows us to offer innovative solutions for the transportation and the storage of liquid and bulk cargoes, to be experts in the field of packaging and meet the modern requirements of customers.

Our customers can be assured that the production process, quality control and product design are in strict accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2000 "Quality Management System", ISO 22000:2005 "Management Systems in the field of safety of foodstuffs and food production - Requirements for any organization in the supply chain" and meets all the international requirements for the food packaging for export and import. The raw materials are purchased in accordance with the requirements imposed on the food packaging by the Directive of the European Commission "Requirements for plastic materials and articles intended for contact with foodstuffs" and its various amendments (EU Food Grade Certificate), " Food and Drug Administration USA "(USFDA), sanitary legislation of Ukraine and other regional standards.

Insurance of manufactured is performed by a known international company China Pacific Property Insurance Co.Ltd.

Our cargo insurance partner is an Ukrainian subsidiary of a worldwide insurance industry leader - Allianz

In an industry with such a high degree of competition and market orientation as the production of flexitanks, we offer our customers to purchase reliable first-class products at reasonable prices.